Medical Instruments and Devices: Principles and Practices [Book Reviews]


This book offers the reader state-of-the-art data on biomedical instruments and devices. This text serves practicing professionals operating in the areas of medical devices and instrumentation and graduate students studying bioengineering, instrumentation, and medical devices, and it provides readers with a sensible foundation and a wealth of resources from well-known consultants in the sphere. An initial impression from the this material was that this text included material from "The Biomedical Engineering Handbook" and included 10 new sections. However, a quick check of the contents of the handbook (additionally published in 2015) revealed that each one twenty chapter titles (and authors) in this text are also in the handbook, specifically in volume 2 of the four-part series. Whereas it is recognized that publication of a subsection of a complete four-volume handbook isn't uncommon, it does the reader a disservice to call it an ???offshoot??? rather than a copy of a section of the larger text. Another concern arose when the chapters were reviewed for completeness in terms of being contemporary and well referenced. Of the 20 chapters, 2 chapters have solely two listed references, four chapters have solely five references, one chapter has six references, one chapter has seven references, and 2 chapters have eight references, for a median of 9.five references per chapter. With a publication date of 2015, one may be inclined to recommend that chapters with references up to at intervals, say, 10 years prior to 2015 (2005) would possibly be thought of ???latest.??? It might be of interest to the reader that the median latest date for references in this text is 2003. Several chapters thus do not qualify as ???state of the art.???

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