Lithium-Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Applications [Book News]


This book offers a comprehensive and systematic coverage of the operating principles, underlying theory, style, production, and use of Li-ion batteries. The text starts with a brief historical background of batteries and their terminology. Then, the book presents chapters handling a scientific overview of Li-ion batteries, from their chemistry properties to producing technologies, including current trends and future options. It introduces and discusses the key elements of Li-ion- and Li-air-based batteries, as well as cathodes; anodes; negative and positive electrode materials; solid, liquid and polymer electrolytes; separators; electronic conductive agents; binders; solvents for slurry preparation; positive thermal coefficient materials; current collectors; and battery cases. It discusses batteries primarily based on olivine (LiFePO4), that are advantageous for power lithium batteries because of their wonderful safety, environmental friendliness, fast-charge performance, and very long cycling life. The text also discusses the assembly processes and electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries while summarizing their applications in power tools, electrical bikes, wheelchairs and cars, thermal-engine cars (36-V Li-ion battery), hybrid EVs, the military, autonomous underwater vehicles, aerospace, microdevices and electronic health, wind and solar energy storage, sensible electrical grids (e.g., in peak curtailment, market enabling, sustainability, demand response support, power quality improvement, virtual inertia, optimizing valley, and peak power costs), load leveling, the mining trade, and medical treatment and implants The textbook includes prefaces, an editor biography, a table of contents, and an index.

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