Dual-Band Elliptical Planar Conductive Polymer Antenna Printed on a Flexible Substrate


In this Communication, a absolutely organic twin-band antenna is presented. It consists of a coplanar waveguide coupled to an elliptical monopole antenna designed on a kapton substrate. This antenna is fabricated from a method, based on the use of a conductive polymer (Polyaniline) doped with multiwall carbon nanotubes, that has been optimized for this application. The flexibleness of both kapton substrate and doped conductive polymer gives the antenna the flexibility to be freely crumpled paving the approach to body-worn high information rate Communications at microwave frequencies. Applications in wireless networks can conjointly be addressed by using this sort of antennas. In this study, a comparison between the performance of an antenna underneath bending conditions (using a three-dimensional support) and its uncrumpled version is presented. We evaluate the crumpling effect on the resonant frequency, the bandwidth and the radiation patterns. A sensible agreement is observed between measurements and simulations data, even when the antenna is crumpled.

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