Fractional- Order Differentiators and Integrators with Reduced Circuit Complexity - 2018


Fractional-order differentiation and integration stages are essential building blocks for performing signal processing using fractional-order calculus. One necessary characteristic of fractional-order differentiators/integrators is the circuit complexity of the integer-order topologies required for approximating such stages. The already introduced schemes suffer from this obstacle, making the derived structures power demanding. A easy structure, made from 21 MOS transistors and three dc current sources, which is capable of approximating fractional-order differentiators and integrators is presented during this paper. Alternative engaging advantages of the proposed scheme are the electronic tuning capability along with the potential for implementation in monolithic kind. The analysis of its behavior is performed using Cadence and the design Kit provided by the Austrian Mikro Systems (AMS) zero.35µm CMOS method.

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