Enhancing Fundamental Energy Limits of Field-Coupled Nano computing Circuits - 2018


Energy dissipation of future integrated systems, consisting of a myriad of devices, is a challenge that can't be solved solely by rising technologies and method enhancements. Even though approaches like Field-Coupled Nanocomputing permit computations near the fundamental energy limits, there's a requirement for ways that enable the recycling of bits' energy to avoid thermalization of knowledge. In this direction, we propose a new reasonably partially reversible systems by exploiting fan-outs in logic networks. We tend to have conjointly introduced a computationally efficient method to guage the gain obtained by our strategy. Simulation results for state-of-the-art benchmarks indicate a median reduction of the basic energy limit by seventeen% while not affecting the delay. If delay is not the most concern, the typical reduction reaches even fifty onep.c. To the best of our knowledge, this work presents the primary post-synthesis strategy to scale back fundamental energy limits for Field-Coupled Nanocomputing circuits.

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