A Mapping Methodology of Boolean Logic Circuits on Memristor Crossbar - 2017


Alternatives to CMOS logic circuit implementations are under analysis for future scaled electronics. Memristor crossbar-based mostly logic circuit is one in all the promising candidates to a minimum of partially replace CMOS technology, which is facing several challenges like reduced scalability, reliability, and performance gain. Memristor crossbar offers many blessings including scalability, high integration density, nonvolatility, etc. The state-of-the-art for memristor crossbar logic circuit style will only implement simple and tiny circuits. This paper proposes a mapping methodology of large Boolean logic circuits on memristor crossbar. Appropriate place-and-route schemes, to efficiently map the circuits on the crossbar, plus many optimization schemes also are proposed. To illustrate the potential of the methodology, a multibit adder and other 9 additional advanced benchmarks are studied; the delay, area and power consumption induced by both crossbar and its CMOS management half are evaluated.

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