Intelligent and Adaptive Traffic Light Controller using FPGA - 2015


For the economic development and progress of any country, roads play an necessary role by providing transportation ease for goods plus for passengers. The quantity of vehicles on road is increasing day by day which are controlled by the ancient Traffic Lightweight Controller within the countries like India and other developing countries. In traditional Traffic Lightweight Controller, fixed time is allotted for traffic on every road to pass irrespective of the traffic intensity. This is an inefficient controlling method that consumes time, effort and fuel of users unnecessarily; also it doesn't have any provision of sensing and giving priority for the emergency vehicles to pass 1st. This drawback is addressed by using Intelligent and Adaptive Traffic Light Controller (IA-TLC) implemented on FPGA using verilog for example of FSM with thirty five states. FPGA, microcontroller and ASIC styles are used for traffic light-weight controller. Reason for choosing FPGA is that it's numerous deserves over microcontroller in TLC style. Some of these deserves are high speed of operation, a lot of variety of input/output ports and higher performance [one]. In IA-TLC density of traffic is sensed by using IR sensors throughout day and night, and accordingly time is allotted for users to pass. Alternative advantages of this technique are: i) System senses emergency vehicles on the individual road moreover it gives priority to the traffic of that exact road where the emergency vehicles is sensed, ii) Finds out defaulter who crosses the red signal by capturing pictures using camera. IA-TLC is successfully implemented on Spartan 3E FPGA and same module is simulated for Spartan-3E, Spartan-vi, Virtex-five FPGA.

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