Secondary-Side-Regulated Soft-Switching Full-Bridge Three-Port Converter Based on Bridgeless Boost Rectifier


This study proposes a systematic method for designing soft-switching three-port converters (TPCs) that can interface numerous energy sources. We've developed new full-bridge (FB) TPCs with single-stage power conversion, low conduction loss, and low voltage stress. An interleaved bidirectional Buck/Boost converter and a bridgeless Boost rectifier are integrated via a high-frequency transformer to give two nonisolated bidirectional power ports and one isolated unidirectional load port. On the primary side, the switching bridges are shared, reducing the number of active switches. Two control freedoms are provided by using primary-side pulse width modulation and a secondary-side phase shift control technique. Voltage and power regulation are achieved on two of the three power ports. Furthermore, the interleaving process reduces current/voltage ripples on the primary-side power ports. For active switches and diodes, zero-voltage and zero-current switching are achieved, respectively. The proposed method is used to create a conventional FB-TPC with voltage-doubler rectifier, which is examined in depth. The FB-operation TPC's principles, control approach, and characteristics are discussed. Experiments have been carried out to show that the proposed topology derivation method is feasible and effective.

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