A Fault-Tolerant T-Type Multilevel Inverter Topology with Increased Overload Capability and Soft-Switching Characteristics - 2017


The performance of a unique 3-part four-leg fault-tolerant T-sort inverter topology is introduced in this paper. This inverter topology provides a fault-tolerant resolution to any open-circuit and sure short-circuit switching faults in the power devices. Throughout any of the fault-tolerant operation modes for these device faults, there is no derating needed in the inverter output voltage or output power. Additionally, overload capability is increased in this new T-sort inverter compared to that in the conventional 3-level T-kind inverter. Such increase in inverter overload capability is due to the use of the redundant leg for overload current sharing with different main part legs below healthy condition. Moreover, if the redundant phase leg consists of silicon carbide metal–oxide–semiconductor field-impact transistors, quasi-zero-voltage switching, and nil-current switching of the silicon insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) in the standard main part legs will be achieved at sure switching states, that can considerably relieve the thermal stress on the outer IGBTs and improve the entire inverter efficiency. Simulation and experimental results are given to verify the efficacy and deserves of this high-performance fault-tolerant T-sort inverter topology.

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