Controlled Power Point Tracking for Autonomous Operation of PMSG based Wind Energy Conversion System - 2017


With continuous depletion of standard sources of energy, Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECSs) are bobbing up to be one amongst the key players with immense potential to satisfy the long run energy demands. These WECSs are quickly turning into primary supply of energy in coastal regions, islands, where they operate in autonomous mode. During this paper, a control strategy for controlled power extraction from a WECS, operating in islanded mode is presented. The proposed management strategy allows restricted along with most power extraction from WECSs with desired load voltage profile whereas minimizing the installation still as the operating costs related to the utilization of pricy batteries within the system. The motive behind using batteries within the system is to facilitate transient stability and enhance reliability. As critical pitch angle management, in the present work, real power management is attained by field-oriented control (FOC) of permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The operating purpose of the WECS is determined primarily based on the wind turbine characteristics and the demanded power. Proper decoupling and feed-forward techniques are deployed to eliminate cross-coupling and mitigate the effect of load aspect disturbances. Simulations are meted out below varying load demand and changing climate to demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

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