Coordinated Distributed MPC for Load Frequency Control of Power System with Wind Farms - 2017


Load frequency management (LFC) is crucial for the operation and style of recent electric power systems. This becomes quite difficult, as additional wind power is included into the ability system. This paper proposes a coordinated distributed model predictive management (DMPC) for the LFC of a power system that has inherently variable wind-power generations. This DMPC communicates power system measurement and prediction data, and considers the data of alternative controllers for their native objective to realize effective coordination. The controllers solve the optimization drawback while considering given constraints, e.g., generation rate constraints, wind speed, pitch angle, and load input constraints for each area. Since the wind-power output depends largely on the wind speed, different optimization modes for the DMPC were used. Both simulation and experimental tests of a four-area interconnected power system LFC, which consists of thermal plants, hydro units, and a wind farm, demonstrate the improved efficiency of the coordinated DMPC.

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