Current Sensor Fault Diagnosis and Tolerant Control for VSI-Based Induction Motor Drives - 2017


Fault-tolerant control is attracting a lot of interests because of its capability of increasing the reliability of voltage supply inverters (VSI). Fault detection, localization, and tolerant control schemes of current sensor are presented for top-fault-tolerance induction motor drives. Usually, 3-section current sensors are used in high-power inverters; nevertheless, failure of current sensors degrades the performance and reliability and even results in the breakdown of the vector control system thanks to the actual fact that flux angle can not be estimated correctly. The proposed theme integrates three independent observers, taking a-section current, b-section current, and c-part current as inputs, respectively. The observers are capable of online monitoring the state of current sensors below normal operation. Furthermore, when one or maybe 2 current sensors getting faulty, the observers will detect and localize the faults and switch the system to tolerant vector control mode even with only one healthy part current sensor obtainable. Hence, it's terribly enticing in some safety crucial applications. Stability and convergence of the observer are analytically derived and verified. A dSpace-based induction motor variable-speed system is set up for the experiment, and experimental results demonstrate the validity of the proposed algorithm.

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