Research on Control of Non-Ideal Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor in view of Torque Ripple Minimization - 2017


Due to some inevitable restrictions during fabrication of permanent magnet brushless (PMBL) motors, a number of them have neither sinusoidal nor trapezoidal back-EMF voltages, and these types of motor are named non-ideal PMBL motors. Employing standard management ways of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) and brushless DC motors (BLDCMs) leads to lower efficiency and causes unwanted torque ripple, vibration and acoustic noises. This paper explores a review on management of non-ideal PMBL motors and investigates the torque response of non-ideal PMBL motor whereas is controlled with standard management strategies and presents a completely unique torque ripple minimization methodology. Investigated control strategies include quasi-sq. current control using dc-link current, quasi-square current management using 3 phases current, direct torque control, vector control, and pseudo vector control that are used for speed management of non-ideal PMBL motor. Then, a completely unique torque ripple minimization based mostly on selective torque harmonic elimination and using one cycle management strategy is suggested. Simulation results indicate the non-ideal PMBL motor by novel proposed methodology develops smoother torque and lower torque ripple rather than all previous management strategies. It's appropriate for any PMBL motor with any back-EMF voltage waveform.

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