Power Quality Improvement of PMSG Based DG Set Feeding Three-Phase Loads - 2016


This paper presents power quality improvement of a permanent-magnet-synchronous-generator-based mostly diesel generator (DG) set feeding three-section loads using a static compensator (STATCOM). A three-leg voltage-supply converter (VSC) with a capacitor on the dc link is employed as a STATCOM. The reference supply currents for the system are estimated using an Adaline-primarily based control algorithm. A pulsewidth modulation current controller is used for generation of gating pulses of insulated-gate bipolar transistors of the 3-leg VSC of the STATCOM. The STATCOM is ready to supply voltage control, harmonics elimination, power factor improvement, load balancing, and cargo compensation. The performance of the system is experimentally tested on various varieties of loads underneath steady-state and dynamic conditions. A 3-part induction motor with variable-frequency drive is employed as a prototype of diesel engine with the speed regulation. Therefore, the DG set is run at constant speed so that the frequency of offer remains constant regardless of loading condition.

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