Frequency Sensitivity Analysis of Load Damping Co-efficient in Wind Farm Integrated Power System - 2017


The presence of frequency sensitive masses such as motors has sustainable impact on Power System frequency response (SFR). With increasing wind power penetration into the ability system, guidelines for frequency regulation want to be revised to ensure system stability and reliability. Frequency regulation becomes more important with the presence of frequency sensitive masses in wind integrated Power System. This paper presents the impact of frequency sensitive loads on system frequency when wind farm is integrated with the conventional Power System. A tiny-signal linearized model of variable speed wind turbine generator springs. The typical SFR model is developed for wind farm integrated power (WFIP) system. Sensitivity and stability analysis is distributed for linearized model of WFIP system. The observations drawn from the analysis can be helpful for the system operators for decision creating of applicable schemes for primary frequency management, demand response, and setting of relays, etc. for secure and stable Power System operation. The proposed analysis is validated in IEEE 9-bus system using MATLAB simulation studies.

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