Fault-tolerant partition resolvability in mesh related networks and applications


The ability of a system to continue operating normally despite the presence of defective parts in the system is referred to as its fault tolerance. The fault-tolerant partition dimension of a network computes the least number of subcomponents of the network required to distinctively identify each node in the presence of faults. This concept has promising applications in areas such as telecommunications, robot navigation, and geographical routing protocols. Certain triangular mesh networks, such as triangular ladder ( Tls ), triangular mesh ( Ts ), reflection triangular mesh ( rl(Ts) ), tower triangular mesh ( Trs ), and reflection tower triangular mesh ( rl(Trs) ) networks are discussed in this paper for their partition and fault-tolerant partition resolvability. Other triangular mesh networks discussed in this paper include reflection tower triangular mesh ( rl(T In this regard, it has been demonstrated that the partition dimension of these networks is three, while the fault-tolerant partition dimension of these networks is four.

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