Sensitive and Nonlinear Far-Field RF Energy Harvesting in Wireless Communications - 2018


This Project studies each restricted sensitivity and nonlinearity of far field RF energy harvesting observed truly and quantifies their impact, trying to fill a serious hole within the simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) literature. RF harvested power is modeled as an arbitrary nonlinear, continuous, and non-decreasing operate of received power, by considering restricted sensitivity and saturation effects. RF harvester's sensitivity might be many dBs worse than Communications receiver's sensitivity, doubtless rendering RF info signals useless for energy harvesting purposes. Given finite number of datapoint pairs of harvested (output) power and corresponding input power, a piecewise linear approximation is applied and the statistics of the harvested power are offered, as a perform of the wireless channel fading statistics. Limited number of datapoints is needed and accuracy analysis is also provided. Case studies include duty-cycled (non-continuous), with continuous SWIPT, comparing with industry-level, RF harvesting. The proposed approximation, even though straightforward, offers accurate performance for all studied metrics. On the opposite hand, linear models or nonlinear-unlimited sensitivity harvesting models deviate from reality, particularly within the low-input-power regime. The proposed methodology will be utilised in the present and future SWIPT analysis.

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