Securing Visible Light Communication Systems by Beamforming in the Presence of Randomly Distributed Eavesdroppers - 2018


This Project considers secrecy enhancement mechanisms in visible light Communication (VLC) systems with spatially distributed passive eavesdroppers (EDs) below the belief that there are multiple LED transmitters and one legitimate user equipment. Based on sure amplitude constraints, we tend to propose a beamforming theme to enhance secrecy performance. Contrary to the case where null-steering is created possible by using knowledge of the ED locations, the proposed beamforming when only statistical info about ED locations is accessible directs the transmission along a particular eigenmode connected to the intensity of the ED process and therefore the supposed channel. Then, a LED choice scheme that's easier than beamforming is provided to cut back the secrecy outage likelihood (SOP). An approximate closed-type for the SOP springs by using secrecy rate bounds. All the analysis is numerically verified by Monte-Carlo simulations. The analysis shows that the beamformer yields superior performance to LED selection. But, LED choice continues to be a highly efficient various theme because of the complexity related to the employment of multiple transmitters in the full beamforming approach. These performance trends and actual relations between system parameters will be used to develop a secure VLC system in the presence of randomly distributed EDs.

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