Reliable and Energy-Efficient Hybrid Screen Mirroring Multicast System - 2018


This Project presents a reliable and energy-economical hybrid screen mirroring multicast system for sharing high-quality real-time multimedia service with adjacent mobile devices over WiFi network. The proposed system employs overhearing-based mostly multicast transmission theme with Raptor codes and NACK-based mostly retransmission to beat well-known WiFi multicast problems such as low transmission rate and high packet loss rate. Furthermore, to avoid wasting energy on mobile devices, the proposed system not only shapes the screen mirroring traffic, but additionally determines the target sink device and Raptor encoding parameters like the amount of source symbols, image size, and code rate whereas considering the energy consumption and processing delay of the Raptor encoding and decoding processes. The proposed system is totally implemented in Linux-primarily based single board computers and examined in real WiFi network. Compared to existing systems, the proposed system will achieve good energy potency whereas providing a high-quality screen mirroring service.

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