An Edge Caching Scheme to Distribute Content in Vehicular Networks - 2018


Vehicular content networks (VCNs), which distribute medium-volume contents to vehicles in a totally distributed manner, represent the key enabling technology of vehicular infotainment applications. In VCNs, the road-side units (RSUs) cache replicas of contents on the edge of networks to facilitate the timely content delivery to driving-through vehicles when requested. But, because of the restricted storage at RSUs and soaring content size for distribution, RSUs can only selectively cache content replicas. The sting caching scheme in RSUs, so, becomes a fundamental issue in VCNs. This Project addresses the issue by developing a position caching scheme in RSUs. Specifically, we tend to initial analyze the features of vehicular content requests based mostly on the content access pattern, vehicle's velocity, and road traffic density. A model is then proposed to determine whether and where to obtain the reproduction of content when the moving vehicle requests it. Once this, a cross-entropy-based mostly dynamic content caching scheme is proposed accordingly to cache the contents at the sting of VCNs based mostly on the requests of vehicles and the cooperation among RSUs. Finally, the performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated by in depth simulation experiments.

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