Outage Analysis of Co-Operative Two-Path Relay Channels - 2016


In this paper, we have a tendency to contemplate a two-path relay channel (TPRC) with the help of two decode-and-forward relays alternatively. Upon successfully decoding a supply packet, a relay proceeds to forward the decoded packet to the destination, that brings an interference to the other relay. Owing to the current inter-relay interference, the decoding result at one relay in this time slot depends on the decoding result at the opposite relay in the previous time slot. Exploiting this single-slot memory, the decoding performance of the relays is analyzed employing a Markov chain. Furthermore, since the relay transmission is one slot behind the supply transmission, the neighboring supply packets received at the destination interfere with one another. Then depending on whether a packet is subject to the residual interference from its previous packet, the decoding performance of the destination will be equally analyzed using a Markov chain. Therefore we have a tendency to can get the general outage likelihood of TPRC in closed-kind expressions. Simulation results are provided to demonstrate the performance of the thought of TPRC, where the effects of various parameters are evaluated. By comparisons with existing works, a fairly good performance is achieved for TPRC with only one-slot delay.

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