A Multi-Hop Broadcast Protocol for Emergency Message Dissemination in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks - 2016


In vehicular circumstantial networks (VANETs), multi-hop wireless broadcast has been thought-about a promising technology to support safety-connected applications that have strict quality-of-service (QoS) needs such as low latency, high reliability, scalability, etc. However, in the urban transportation setting, the potency of multi-hop broadcast is critically challenged by advanced road structure, severe channel competition, message redundancy, etc. In this paper, we have a tendency to propose an urban multi-hop broadcast protocol (UMBP) to disseminate emergency messages. To lower emergency message transmission delay and cut back message redundancy, UMBP includes a unique forwarding node choice scheme that utilizes iterative partition, mini-slot, and black-burst to quickly select remote neighboring nodes, and one forwarding node is successfully chosen by the asynchronous competition among them. Then, bidirectional broadcast, multi-directional broadcast, and directional broadcast are designed in step with the positions of the emergency message senders. Specifically, at the first hop, bidirectional broadcast or multi-directional broadcast conducts the forwarding node choice theme in numerous directions simultaneously, and one forwarding node is successfully chosen in each direction. Then, directional broadcast is adopted at each hop within the message propagation direction until the emergency message reaches an intersection area where multi-directional broadcast is performed again, which finally enables the emergency message to hide the target space seamlessly. Analysis and simulation results show that the proposed UMBP significantly improves the performance of multi-hop broadcast in terms of 1-hop delay, message propagation speed, and message reception rate.

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