Characterizing Data Deliverability of Greedy Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks - 2018


As a popular routing protocol in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), greedy routing has received great attention. The previous works characterize its data deliverability in WSNs by the likelihood of all nodes successfully sending their data to the base station. Their analysis, however, neither provides the information of the quantitative relation between successful information delivery ratio and transmission power of sensor nodes nor considers the impact of the network congestion or link collision on the info deliverability. To address these problems, in this Project, we tend to characterize the information deliverability of greedy routing by the ratio of successful data transmissions from sensors to the bottom station. We have a tendency to introduce n-guaranteed delivery that means that the ratio of successful knowledge deliveries isn't but n, and study the relationship between the transmission power of sensors and the probability of achieving n-guaranteed delivery. Furthermore, with considering the effect of network congestion, link collision, and holes (e.g., those caused by physical obstacles like a lake), we have a tendency to give a a lot of precise and full characterization for the deliverability of greedy routing. In depth simulation and real-world experimental results show the correctness and tightness of the higher certain of the tiniest transmission power for achieving n-guaranteed delivery.

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