Enabling Efficient Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Mobile Cloud Data Through Blind Storage - 2015


In mobile Cloud Computing, a basic application is to outsource the mobile information to external cloud servers for scalable knowledge storage. The outsourced data, but, need to be encrypted because of the privacy and confidentiality considerations of their owner. This results in the distinguished difficulties on the correct search over the encrypted mobile cloud information. To tackle this issue, during this paper, we develop the searchable encryption for multi-keyword ranked search over the storage information. Specifically, by considering the massive range of outsourced documents (data) within the cloud, we have a tendency to utilize the relevance score and k-nearest neighbor techniques to develop an economical multi-keyword search theme that may come the ranked search results based on the accuracy. Within this framework, we tend to leverage an economical index to additional improve the search efficiency, and adopt the blind storage system to conceal access pattern of the search user. Security analysis demonstrates that our theme can achieve confidentiality of documents and index, trapdoor privacy, trapdoor unlinkability, and concealing access pattern of the search user. Finally, using extensive simulations, we tend to show that our proposal will achieve a lot of improved efficiency in terms of search functionality and search time compared with the existing proposals.

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