Enabling a Nationwide Radio Frequency Inventory Using the Spectrum Observatory - 2018


Knowledge concerning active radio transmitters is critical for multiple applications: spectrum regulators can use this data to assign spectrum, licensees will identify spectrum usage patterns and provision their future desires, and dynamic spectrum access applications will efficiently choose operating frequency. To achieve these goals, we would like a system that continuously senses and characterizes the radio spectrum. Current measurement systems, but, don't scale overtime, frequency and area and can't perform transmitter detection. We address these challenges with the Spectrum Observatory, an finish-to-end system for spectrum measurement and characterization. This Project details the design and integration of the Spectrum Observatory, and describes and evaluates the first unsupervised technique for detailed characterization of arbitrary transmitters called TxMiner. We evaluate TxMiner on real-world spectrum measurements collected by the Spectrum Observatory between 30 MHz and half dozen GHz and show that it identifies transmitters robustly. Furthermore, we tend to demonstrate the Spectrum Observatory's capabilities to map the quantity of active transmitters and their frequency and temporal characteristics, to detect rogue transmitters, and determine opportunities for dynamic spectrum access.

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