Due to the poor physical protection of sensor nodes, it is typically assumed that an adversary can capture and compromise a small variety of sensors in the network. In a node replication attack, an adversary will take advantage of the credentials of a compromised node to surreptitiously introduce replicas of that node into the network. While not an efficient and efficient detection mechanism, these replicas will be used to launch a variety of attacks that undermine several sensor applications and protocols. In this paper, we gift a completely unique distributed approach called Localized Multicast for detecting node replication attacks. The potency and security of our approach are evaluated both theoretically and via simulation. Our results show that, compared to previous distributed approaches proposed by Parno et al., Localized Multicast is a lot of economical in terms of Communication and memory prices in large-scale sensor networks, and at the identical time achieves a better probability of detecting node replicas.

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