Cloud-Based Fine-Grained Health Information Access Control Framework for LightweightIoT Devices with Dynamic Auditing and Attribute - 2018


The eHealth trend has spread globally. Internet of Things (IoT) devices for medical service and pervasive Personal Health Information (PHI) systems play necessary roles in the eHealth atmosphere. A cloud-based PHI system appears promising however raises privacy and data security considerations. We tend to propose a cloud-primarily based fine-grained health data access control framework for light-weight IoT devices with information dynamics auditing and attribute revocation functions. Only symmetric cryptography is needed for IoT devices, like wireless body sensors. A variant of ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption, twin encryption, and Merkle hash trees are used to support fine-grained access control, economical dynamic knowledge auditing, batch auditing, and attribute revocation. Moreover, the proposed scheme additionally defines and handles the cloud reciprocity drawback wherein cloud service suppliers can facilitate each different avoid fines ensuing from information loss. Security analysis and performance comparisons show that the proposed scheme is an excellent candidate for a cloud-based PHI system.

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