Strong Key-Exposure Resilient Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage - 2017


Key exposure is one serious security drawback for cloud storage auditing. In order to deal with this downside, cloud storage auditing theme with key-exposure resilience has been proposed. However, in such a theme, the malicious cloud may still forge valid authenticators later than the key-exposure time period if it obtains this secret key of knowledge owner. During this paper, we innovatively propose a paradigm named strong key-exposure resilient auditing for secure cloud storage, in that the protection of cloud storage auditing not solely sooner than but conjointly later than the key exposure can be preserved. We tend to formalize the definition and the protection model of this new kind of cloud storage auditing and design a concrete scheme. In our proposed theme, the key exposure in one time period doesn’t have an effect on the protection of cloud storage auditing in different time periods. The rigorous security proof and the experimental results demonstrate that our proposed theme achieves fascinating security and efficiency..

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