Detecting overly strong preconditions in refactoring engines - 2017


Refactoring engines may have overly sturdy preconditions preventing developers from applying helpful transformations. We have a tendency to notice that thirty two% of the Eclipse and JRRT check suites are involved with detecting overly robust preconditions. In general, developers manually write test cases, that is costly and error prone. Our previous technique detects overly robust preconditions using differential testing. But, it needs a minimum of two refactoring engines. In this work, we tend to propose a method to detect overly robust preconditions in refactoring engines while not needing reference implementations. We automatically generate programs and attempt to refactor them. For every rejected transformation, we attempt to use it once more when disabling the preconditions that lead the refactoring engine to reject the transformation. If it applies a behavior preserving transformation, we tend to think about the disabled preconditions overly sturdy. We tend to evaluate 10 refactorings of Eclipse and JRRT by generating 154,040 programs. We tend to find 15 overly strong preconditions in Eclipse and 15 in JRRT. Our technique detects eleven bugs that our previous technique cannot detect whereas missing five bugs. We have a tendency to evaluate the technique by replacing the programs generated by JDOLLY with the input programs of Eclipse and JRRT test suites. Our technique detects fourteen overly strong preconditions in Eclipse and four in JRRT.

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