Resource Allocation in Vehicular Cloud Computing Systems with Heterogeneous Vehicles and Roadside Units - 2017


Vehicular cloud computing (VCC) system coordinates the vehicular cloud (consisting of vehicles’ computing resources) and the remote cloud properly to provide in-time services to users. Although pervious works had established the models for resource allocation in the VCC system primarily based on semi- Markov decision processes (SMDP), few of them discussed heterogeneity of vehicles and influences of roadside units (RSUs). Heterogeneous vehicles created by completely different manufacturers could be equipped with different amount of computing resources; and furthermore, RSU can enhance the computing capability of VCC. So, this work proposes an SMDP model for VCC resource allocation that additionally considers heterogeneous vehicles and RSUs, and an approach for finding the optimal strategy of VCC resource allocation. The 2 further options significantly elaborate the SMDP model, and demonstrate completely different results from the first model. Simulation shows that the resource allocation in the VCC system will be captured by the proposed model, that performs well in terms of long-term expected values (consisting of consumption costs of power and time), underneath numerous parameter settings.

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