A Longitudinal Measurement Study of TCP Performance and Behavior in 3G/4G Networks Over High Speed Rails - 2017


Whereas TCP has been extensively studied in static and low speed mobility situations, it's not yet been well explored in high speed mobility situations. Given the increasing deployment of high speed transport systems (such as high speed rails), there's an urgent need to perceive the performance and behavior of TCP in such high speed mobility environments. In this paper, we tend to conduct a comprehensive study to analyze the performance and behavior of TCP in a very high speed setting with a peak speed of 310 km/h. Over a 16-month period spanning four years, we have a tendency to collect five hundred GB of performance data on 3/4G networks in high speed trains in China, covering a distance of 108,490 km. We have a tendency to start by analyzing performance metrics, like RTT, packet loss rate, and throughput. We have a tendency to then evaluate the challenges posed on the most TCP operations (establishment, transmission, congestion control, flow management, and termination) by such high speed mobility. This paper shows that RTT and packet loss rate increase considerably and throughput drops considerably in high speed things. Moreover, TCP fails to adapt well to such extraordinarily high speed leading to abnormal behavior, like high spurious retransmission time out rate, aggressive congestion window reduction, long delays during association institution and closure, and transmission interruption. As we prepare to move into the time of 5G, and as the necessity for prime speed travel continues to increase, our findings indicate a essential need for efforts to develop a lot of adaptive transport protocols for such high speed environments.

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