A Horn Ridge Waveguide DFB Laser for High Single Longitudinal Mode Yield


In this paper, we have a tendency to propose a completely unique approach to enhance the only longitudinal mode (SLM) yield for uniform grating distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode by breaking the twin-mode degeneracy. By introducing a horn ridged waveguide (HRW) in replace of the conventional straight ridge waveguide (RW), we have a tendency to produce an effectively chirped grating as well as a longitudinally varying modal gain. As such, the sector distribution along the laser cavity is totally different for the two possibly lasing longitudinal modes on each side of the Bragg stopband, and the sector having a larger overlap with the gain becomes the sole dominant lasing mode. We have a tendency to have optimized the ridge width of HRW-DFB lasers with totally different normalized coupling coefficients (κL) in terms of the SLM yield. Our experimental results show that the SLM yield of the HRW-DFB laser with κL of  2.nine can reach 65% vs nineteen% obtained by the traditional RW-DFB lasers fabricated on the same wafer.

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