Power Efficiency and Delay Tradeoff of 10GBase-T Energy Efficient Ethernet Protocol - 2017


In this paper, we study the facility potency and delay performance of the burst mode transmission (BTR) strategy for the IEEE 802.3az energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) protocol. In the BTR strategy, the Ethernet interface goes to sleep once its transmission buffer becomes empty and wakes up once the first arrival has waited for time r or the N-th frame arrives at the interface. Based on the amount of arrivals throughout the holiday time, a brand new approach is proposed to investigate the M/G/1 queue with vacation times that are governed by the arrival method and therefore the r and N parameters of BTR strategy. Our key plan is to determine the connection between the vacation time and therefore the arrival process to account for their dependency. We tend to 1st derive the distribution of the number of arrivals throughout a vacation time primarily based on an occasion tree of the BTR strategy, from that, we tend to obtain the mean vacation time and the facility potency. Next, from the condition on the number of arrivals at the top of a vacation period, we have a tendency to derive a generalized P-K formula of the mean delay for EEE systems, and prove that the classical P-K formula of the vacation model is only a special case when the holiday time is freelance of the arrival method. Our analysis demonstrates that the r policy and N policy of the BTR strategy are compensating every alternative. The r policy ensures the frame delay is bounded when the traffic load is light-weight, whereas the N policy ensures the queue length at the tip of vacation times is bounded when the traffic load is heavy. These results, in turn, give the rules to pick acceptable r and N. Our analytical results are confirmed by simulations.

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