Privacy-Aware Caching in Information-Centric Networking - 2017


Info-Centric Networking (ICN) is an rising networking paradigm where named and routable information (content) is the focal point. Users send specific requests (interests) which specify content by name, and the network handles routing these interests to some entity capable of satisfying them with the appropriate data response (producer). One key feature of ICN is opportunistic in-network content caching. This property facilitates economical content distribution by reducing bandwidth consumption, lessening network congestion, and improving the content retrieval latency by users (consumers). Unfortunately, the identical feature is additionally detrimental to privacy of content customers and producers. Straightforward to implement, and troublesome to detect, timing attacks will exploit ICN routers as “oracles” and allow an adversary to be told whether or not a nearby client recently requested certain content. The attack leverages a timing side channel that depends on router caches and is implemented by requesting some packets from every piece of content being probed. Similarly, probing attacks that concentrate on content producers will be used to find whether certain content has been recently distributed. Once analyzing the scope and feasibility of such attacks, we have a tendency to propose and evaluate some efficient countermeasures that supply quantifiable privacy guarantees while retaining the advantages of ICN.

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