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Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Routing in Dragonfly Networks - 2017

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Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Routing in Dragonfly Networks - 2017


Dragonfly networks are widely utilized in the current high-performance computers or high-finish servers. Fault-tolerant routing in dragonfly networks is essential. The rich interconnects offer smart fault-tolerance ability for the network. A replacement deadlockfree adaptive fault-tolerant routing algorithm based on a replacement 2-layer safety information model, is proposed by mapping routers during a cluster, and groups of the dragonfly network into two separate hypercubes. The new fault-tolerant routing algorithm tolerates static and dynamic faults. Our method will confirm whether a packet can reach the destination at the source by using the new safety info model, that avoids dead-ends and aimless misrouting. Sufficient simulation results show that the proposed fault-tolerant routing algorithm even outperforms the previous minimal routing algorithm in fault-free networks in many cases.

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