Cryptographic Solutions for Credibility and Liability Issues of Genomic Data - 2017


During this work, we tend to take into account a scenario that has a personal sharing his genomic information (or results obtained from his genomic information) with a service provider. During this state of affairs, (i) the service supplier wants to form sure that received genomic data (or results) in fact belongs to the corresponding individual (and computed properly), (ii) the individual desires to produce a digital consent along with his knowledge specifying whether or not the service supplier is allowed to any share his data, and (iii) if his information is shared without his consent, the individual wants to see the service provider that is accountable for this leakage. We tend to propose 2 schemes primarily based on homomorphic signature and mixture signature that links the knowledge concerning the legitimacy of the information to the consent and therefore the phenotype of the individual. Thus, to verify the data, each party additionally needs to use the proper consent and phenotype of the individual who owns the information.

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