A Survey of Public-Key Cryptographic Primitives in Wireless Sensor Networks


Cryptographic primitives are fundamental building blocks for planning security protocols to realize confidentiality, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation. It's not an excessive amount of to say that the choice and integration of applicable cryptographic primitives into the safety protocols determines the most important part of the potency and energy consumption of the wireless sensor network (WSN). There are a number of surveys on security issues on WSNs, that, but, failed to target public-key cryptographic primitives in WSNs. During this survey, we have a tendency to give a deeper understanding of public-key cryptographic primitives in WSNs as well as identity-based mostly cryptography and discuss their main directions and some open analysis issues that can be any pursued. We investigate state-of-the-art software implementation results of public-key cryptographic primitives in terms of execution time, energy consumption and resource occupation on constrained wireless devices choosing well-liked IEEE 802.15.four-compliant WSN hardware platforms, utilized in real-life deployments. This survey provides invaluable insights on public-key cryptographic primitives on WSN platforms, and solutions to search out tradeoffs between value, performance and security for coming up with security protocols in WSNs.

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