Identity-Based Proxy-Oriented Data Uploading and Remote Data Integrity Checking in Public Cloud - 2016


A lot of and more shoppers would love to store their knowledge to public cloud servers (PCSs) together with the rapid development of cloud computing. New security problems should be solved in order to help a lot of clients process their information in public cloud. When the client is restricted to access PCS, he will delegate its proxy to method his data and upload them. On the opposite hand, remote information integrity checking is also an vital security problem in public cloud storage. It makes the shoppers check whether or not their outsourced data are kept intact while not downloading the whole knowledge. From the protection problems, we have a tendency to propose a novel proxy-oriented knowledge uploading and remote information integrity checking model in identity-based public key cryptography: identity-primarily based proxy-oriented data uploading and remote knowledge integrity checking in public cloud (ID-PUIC). We offer the formal definition, system model, and security model. Then, a concrete ID-PUIC protocol is intended using the bilinear pairings. The proposed ID-PUIC protocol is provably secure based mostly on the hardness of computational Diffie-Hellman downside. Our ID-PUIC protocol is also economical and flexible. Based mostly on the original shopper's authorization, the proposed ID-PUIC protocol will realize non-public remote data integrity checking, delegated remote information integrity checking, and public remote data integrity checking.

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