DOPIV: Post-Quantum Secure Identity-Based Data Outsourcing with Public Integrity Verification in Cloud Storage


Users of cloud services are granted the ability to employ a third party auditor (also known as a TPA) through the use of public verification. Recent breakthroughs in quantum computing research, on the other hand, suggest that the application of quantum computers in cloud environments could become a reality. The vast majority of the currently available public verification schemes are founded on conventional hardness assumptions, making them susceptible to attacks from adversaries armed with quantum computers in the not too distant future. In addition, new security problems arise whenever the original data owner's access to the remote cloud server is limited or prevented altogether. These problems need to be resolved. In this paper, we propose an effective identity-based data outsourcing scheme (DOPIV) in cloud storage that includes public integrity verification. Lattice-based cryptography, which is what DOPIV is built on, is what allows it to achieve post-quantum security. With DOPIV, an original data owner is able to delegate a proxy with the responsibility of generating data signatures and then outsource those tasks to a cloud server. Without retrieving the entire data set, any TPA is able to carry out data integrity verification in a time- and resource-efficient manner on behalf of the original data owner. In addition, DOPIV has the benefits of being identity-based systems, which eliminate the need for laborious certificate management processes. We present security proofs of DOPIV in the random oracle model and carry out a comprehensive performance evaluation to demonstrate that DOPIV is more practically applicable in post-quantum secure cloud storage systems. This was accomplished by demonstrating DOPIV's ability to withstand attacks based on the random oracle model.

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