Identity-Based Encryption with Outsourced Revocation in Cloud Computing - 2015


Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) that simplifies the general public key and certificate management at Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a crucial various to public key encryption. But, one of the main efficiency drawbacks of IBE is the overhead computation at Non-public Key Generator (PKG) throughout user revocation. Economical revocation has been well studied in ancient PKI setting, however the cumbersome management of certificates is exactly the burden that IBE strives to alleviate. In this paper, aiming at tackling the important issue of identity revocation, we have a tendency to introduce outsourcing computation into IBE for the primary time and propose a revocable IBE scheme in the server-aided setting. Our theme offloads most of the key generation related operations during key-issuing and key-update processes to a Key Update Cloud Service Supplier, leaving solely a constant number of straightforward operations for PKG and users to perform domestically. This goal is achieved by utilizing a novel collusion-resistant technique: we employ a hybrid non-public key for each user, in that an AND gate is concerned to attach and sure the identity component and the time part. Furthermore, we propose another construction that is provable secure under the recently formulized Refereed Delegation of Computation model. Finally, we have a tendency to give intensive experimental results to demonstrate the potency of our proposed construction.

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