Joint Optimal Data Rate and Power Allocation in Lossy Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Delay-Constrained Traffics - 2015


In this paper, we tend to take into account lossy mobile circumstantial networks where the information rate of a given flow becomes lower and lower along its routing path. One of the main challenges in lossy mobile impromptu networks is how to achieve the conflicting goal of increased network utility and reduced power consumption, while while not following the instantaneous state of a fading channel. To address this downside, we have a tendency to propose a cross-layer rate-effective network utility maximization (RENUM) framework by taking into account the lossy nature of wireless links and therefore the constraints of rate outage likelihood and average delay. In the proposed framework, the utility is associated with the effective rate received at the destination node of each flow rather than the injection rate at the supply of the flow. We tend to then present a distributed joint transmission rate, link power and average delay management algorithm, in that express broadcast message passing is needed for power allocation algorithm. Motivated by the need of power management devoid of message passing, we provide a close to-optimal power-allocation scheme that creates use of autonomous SINR measurements at each link and enjoys a fast convergence rate. The proposed algorithm is shown through numerical simulations to outperform other network utility maximization algorithms while not rate outage probability/average delay constraints, leading to the next effective rate, lower power consumption and delay. Furthermore, we have a tendency to conduct extensive network-wide simulations in NS-two simulator to judge the performance of the algorithm in terms of throughput, delay, packet delivery ratio and fairness.

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