Normal Harmonic Search Algorithm Primarily based MPPT forSolar PV System and Integrated with Grid using Reduced Sensor Approach and PNKLMS Algorithm


This paper deals with a unique reduced sensor strategy, for two-stage single-section grid connected solar photovoltaic system with a battery, where the dc-link voltage sensor is not required. Moreover, for most power point tracking (MPPT), a new “traditional harmonic search” (NHS) algorithm is employed, and for voltage supply converter (VSC) control, a unique “power normalized kernel least mean square” (PNKLMS) algorithm is proposed. The PNKLMS algorithm is used for active load component extraction from the load current, even when the load current is characterised by linear or nonlinear behavior. Moreover, PNKLMS algorithm is used for reference grid current generation. The NHS algorithm is an improved version of the harmony search, that is galvanized to the music composition technique and its looking out ability is improved by using the conventional likelihood distribution issue. Therefore, NHS reaches the worldwide maximum power point very quickly and is appropriate for online looking out on hardware. Moreover, the extracted power is fed into the grid. For control of VSC, the proposed PNKLMS management technique is used, that maintains the ability quality. The performances of NHS-based mostly MPPT and PNKLMS-based mostly control technique with reduced sensor approach are tested on a developed prototype. The satisfactory steady-state and dynamic performances of the NHS algorithm are demonstrated under variable irradiance and temperature throughout partial shaded conditions. Moreover, the performances of the PNKLMS algorithm, while not using dc-link voltage sensor are demonstrated during overvoltage, undervoltage, harmonics distortion, and cargo nonlinearity condition, results of that have satisfied the objective of the proposed system and also the IEEE-519 standard.

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