Grid interfaced solar photovoltaic system using ZA-LMS based mostly management algorithma


Renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic can meet increasing energy demand in countries where there is sufficient availability of sun lightweight. Intermittent nature of this sort of renewable energy sources demands a management which will handle quick dynamics of the system. This paper presents a grid coupled solar photovoltaic (SPV) system which includes solar photovoltaic array, incremental conductance based MPPT and boost converter. Grid integration of SPV array is performed using 3 section voltage supply converter (VSC) controlled with a fast and robust control algorithm. A Zero Attracting Least Mean Sq. (ZA-LMS) based mostly controller is proposed to get reference grid currents. These currents are compared together with sensed grid currents to get switching pulses for 3 part VSC. The proposed system is used to feed real power demand of load together with power quality refinement options like suppression of harmonics, maintaining grid current at unity power issue and balancing of masses. Performance of the ZA-LMS controller is compared with standard controllers like normalized least mean square (NLMS) and dq0 frame theory. These controllers are compared for various characteristics concerning weight convergence, mathematical complexity, computational burden on real time controller and harmonic compensation. Proposed controller is implemented using dSPACE 1104 and tested on developed laboratory prototype of grid connected VSC working as shunt active power filter. Performance of the controller is observed and verified for steady state and dynamic load conditions.

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