Virtual Engineering Sciences Learning Lab: Giving STEM Education a Second Life


Engineering education within the 21st century faces multiple obstacles as well as limited accessibility of course resources due, in part, to the prices associated with acquiring and maintaining equipment and staffing laboratories. Another continuing challenge is that the low level of participation of ladies and alternative groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM disciplines. As a partial remedy for these issues, we have a tendency to established a Virtual Engineering Sciences Learning Lab (VESLL) that gives interactive objects and learning activities, multimedia displays, and instant feedback procedures during a virtual atmosphere to guide students through a series of key quantitative skills and ideas. Developed in the online virtual world Second Life™, VESLL is an interactive surroundings that supports STEM education, with potential to help reach ladies and different underrepresented groups. VESLL exposes students to varied quantitative skills and ideas through visualization, collaborative games, and problem solving with realistic learning activities. Initial assessments have demonstrated high student interest in VESLL's potential as a supplementary educational tool and show that student learning experiences were improved by use of VESLL. Ultimately, the VESLL project contributes to the ongoing body of proof suggesting that online delivery after all content has outstanding potential when properly deployed by STEM educators.

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