MmWave massive-MIMO-based wireless backhaul for the 5G ultra-dense network


The ultra-dense network (UDN) has been thought of as a promising candidate for future 5G networks to satisfy the explosive information demand. To understand UDN, a reliable, gigahertz bandwidth, and value-effective backhaul connecting ultradense little-cell BSs and macrocell BS are prerequisite. Millimeter-wave can provide the potential gigabit-per-second traffic for wireless backhaul. Moreover, mmWave can easily be integrated with massive MIMO for improved link reliability. In this text, we discuss the feasibility of mmWave huge-MIMO-based wireless backhaul for 5G UDN, and the benefits and challenges also are addressed. In particular, we propose a digitally controlled part shifter network (DPSN)-primarily based hybrid precoding/combining scheme for mmWave large MIMO, whereby the low-rank property of the mmWave huge MIMO channel matrix is leveraged to scale back the desired value and complexity of a transceiver with a negligible performance loss. One key feature of the proposed theme is that the macrocell BS will simultaneously support multiple little-cell BSs with multiple streams for every small-cell BS, which is essentially different from typical hybrid precoding/combining schemes, sometimes restricted to single-user MIMO with multiple streams or multi-user MIMO with single stream for each user. Primarily based on the proposed theme, we more explore the fundamental problems of developing mmWave large MIMO for wireless backhaul, and therefore the associated challenges, insight, and prospects to enable mmWave huge-MIMO-primarily based wireless backhaul for 5G UDN are mentioned.

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