Opportunistic Offloading of Deadline-Constrained Bulk Cellular Traffic in Vehicular DTNs


The ever-growing cellular traffic demand has laid a serious burden on cellular networks. The recent rapid development in vehicle-to-vehicle Communication techniques makes vehicular delay-tolerant network (VDTN) an attractive candidate for traffic offloading from cellular networks. During this paper, we study a bulk traffic offloading problem with the goal of minimizing the cellular Communication value below the constraint that each one the subscribers receive their desired whole content before it expires. It wants to determine the initial offloading points and therefore the dissemination theme for offloaded traffic in a very VDTN. By novelly describing the content delivery method via a contact-based mostly flow model, we formulate the problem in a linear programming (LP) kind, based on which an online offloading scheme is proposed to deal with the network dynamics (e.g., vehicle arrival/departure). Furthermore, an offline LP-based mostly analysis is derived to obtain the optimal resolution. The high potency of our on-line algorithm is extensively validated by simulation results.

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