Configurable Multimode Digital Control for Light Load DC–DC Converters With Improved Spectrum and Smooth Transition


Potency during a light-weight load dc–dc converter is improved by reducing the switching frequency with the load current. Any, a bifrequency operation (BFO) using pulse train (PT) management will achieve spread spectrum. Using discrete-time models, this paper shows that a stable periodic BFO is generally not achievable in existing PT management strategies. Thereafter, a unified multimode digital control technique is proposed, in that a voltage-mode digital pulse-width-modulator (DPWM) is used to control a predefined periodic BFO. Beside the mounted-frequency DPWM, an additional multiplexer is taken into account for real-time configuration to: 1) bifrequency pulse frequency modulation; 2) PT management; or 3) pulse regulation control; or four) pulse skipping management with swish transition. Analysis and design strategies are discussed to ensure periodic BFO and to customize the power spectrum with predictable ripple parameters. A buck converter prototype is created, and the proposed control is implemented using an FPGA device.

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