It is critical to set up a precise and feasible monitoring system for a variety of animal and human studies. A multichannel wireless system for monitoring physiological signals of freely moving rats is presented. This system combines electroencephalogram (EEG) and acceleration signals, enabling the study of association between brain and behavior. A combination of EEG and accelerometers eliminates the necessity for complicated video installation as well as time-consuming and tedious analysis of recorded videos. The IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless Communication frees the experimental subject from the hassle of wires and reduces wire artifacts during recording. Long-period continuous recording was possible because of the low power feature of the system. Methods for automatic wake–sleep state discrimination and temporal lobe epileptic seizure detection are also proposed to demonstrate the advantages of the system. An accuracy of up to 96.22% for the automatic discrimination of wake–sleep states is an advantage of our system. In addition, the detection of amygdala-kindling temporal lobe seizures reaches 100% with zero false alarms, greatly saving manpower in the identification of temporal lobe epilepsy.

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