Versatile unified power quality conditioner applied to three phase four wire distribution system using a dual control strategy - 2016


This paper presents the study, analysis, and practical implementation of a flexible unified power quality conditioner (UPQC), which will be connected in both three-section three-wire (3P3W) or 3-part four-wire distribution systems for performing the series-parallel power-line conditioning. Thus, even when solely a 3P3W power system is accessible at a plant site, the UPQC is in a position to hold out power-line compensation for put in loads that need a neutral conductor to control. Different from the control strategies utilized in the foremost of UPQC applications in that the controlled quantities are nonsinusoidal, this UPQC employs a twin compensation strategy such that the controlled quantities are continually sinusoidal. Thereby, the series converter is controlled to act as a sinusoidal current source, whereas the parallel converter operates as a sinusoidal voltage supply. Thus, because the controlled quantities are sinusoidal, it is attainable to scale back the complexity of the algorithms used to calculate the compensation references. Therefore, since the voltage and current controllers are implemented into the synchronous reference frame, their management references are continuous, decreasing the steady-state errors when traditional proportional-integral controllers are employed. Static and dynamic performances, still as the effectiveness, of the twin UPQC are evaluated by suggests that of experimental results.

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