DCOF—An Arbitration Free Directly Connected Optical Fabric


During this paper, we tend to investigate the unique potential of optics to produce a family of arbitration free topologies that aren't realizable using standard electronics. This is accomplished by creating a directly connected fabric of waveguides that may be configured to support everything from a crossbar to completely connected topologies. The massive variety of waveguides needed to create a directly connected optical cloth (DCOF) will be designed by taking advantage of multiple photonic layers connected with photonic vias, permitting the architect to settle on the degree of simultaneous Communication (a parameter known as $k$) necessary to meet the performance requirements and offered power budget. So as to judge DCOF we tend to developed a detailed implementation model for 3 completely different network instantiations—a crossbar kind of like Corona, DCOF configured as a crossbar, and DCOF configured as a fully connected network. We have a tendency to analyzed the facility consumption and performance of these topologies on a variety of benchmarks, together with SPLASH-a pair of and synthetic traces. Our results demonstrate that the overhead needed by arbitration is nontrivial, especially at high hundreds. Eliminating the requirement for arbitration, sizing the buffers rigorously and retransmitting lost packets when there is competition results in a significant reduction in average packet latency without additional power overhead. We tend to also show that when configured as a crossbar DCOF is the foremost energy efficient whereas maintaining excellent performance, and when configured as a absolutely connected network provides the simplest performance, but at a doubtless prohibitive photonic power price.

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